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A service "nudge" to improve brand experience and increase high-street revenue. 

Following the acquisition of The Belmond Hotel Group, LVMH were looking to redefine what loyalty means for this timeless chain of hotels. The particular pain-point in the guest experience was most often at checkout when the final transactional nature of the process left guests feeling like they were no longer invited to indulge in all the brand had to offer.  

By pulling apart the full service journey and deepdiving into the granular interactions, it was the offline experience that needed to be designed. The brief then evolved to develop some key considerations: what does seamless a goodbye mean? How can we encourage increased loyalty and yet not increase operational inefficiency. 

The final solution, Beyond Belmond, a free membership that gave preferred clients access the global concierge services, leveraging local partners and encouraging engagement with LVMHs full stable of brands.


The service was piloted at their newly launched urban property, The Cadogan Hotel. It encouraged local tourism and allowed the hotel to foster a sustainable ecosystems of partnerships in the area in order to increase operational efficiency - whilst improving Net-Promoter Score. 

A strategic new service focused on supporting lawyers grappling with tech-driven disruption.

An investment service redirecting seed capital towards sustainable ventures.

Speculative Design and future forecasting exhibition celebrating British Airways at Saatchi Gallery

A community driven platform for promoting African art and design to an international market.


An A.I parenting-aid that empowers kids to develop healthier longterm habits.

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