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TELEFONICA + ALPHA (a Moonshoot Factory)

Applied a targeted use of behavioural change methods with A.I. for preventative healthcare.

The increasing epidemic of Mental Health related illness amongst adults and children is having a profound effect on National Health Services and leading to the development of secondary lifestyle related such as diabetes and heart disease later in life.

Working with Telefonica's moonshoot factory, Alpha, we developed a assistant style coach, leveraging behavioural change techniques combined with A.I. in order to tackle the increases in technology related anxiety. Using the power of habit to train kids to develop resilience. 

A social enterprise, tackling arsenic contaminated rice, water and soil in
rural Bangladesh.

An award-winning strategy for a city's volunteer wildfire firefighting service in a period of urgent financial need.


A medically-led wellness program helping 
patients recover from bariatric surgery. 

A community driven platform for promoting African art and design to an international market.

A strategic new service focused on supporting lawyers grappling with tech-driven disruption.

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