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A community driven platform for promoting African
art and design to an international market.

African artists are severely under-represent in the art world. This is by no means due to talent, but rather that they lack the financial support and longterm relationships existing in more developed markets.

Working with the South African DEPARTMENT OF ARTS AND CULTURE, I ran a design workshop in order to develop a acceleration strategy for improving both awareness and financial support for art from Africa and her diaspora. Curated African was birthed as a concept to develop a voice and longterm stream of revenue to support artists. It uses micro-financing and community-created networks in order to create a validation change for previously unrecognised artists. 

A Venture Builders program for mission-driven founders

An investment service redirecting seed capital towards sustainable ventures.


A medically-led wellness program helping 
patients recover from bariatric surgery. 

A strategic new service focused on supporting lawyers grappling with tech-driven disruption.

An A.I parenting-aid that empowers kids to develop healthier longterm habits.

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