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An investment service redirecting seed capital towards sustainable ventures.

EVERGREEN is simple - it accelerates investment towards the next generation of sustainable ventures. As Climate crisis provides a unique opportunity to invest in truly industry-disrupting Start Ups and talent. 

Many Investors are scrambling - seeking funds that are actively able to source and measure the positive environmental potential of their investments. These ventures are becoming an essential asset class to be able offset our collective environmental impact yet sourcing them easily is near impossible. 

This is where EVERGREEN adds urgently needed value - it fills in the knowledge gap with a blend of earth science-based advisory and investment innovation. Giving capital the agility it needs to fund a Planet positive future. 

By servicing a different class of investors, the family office of Ultra High Net-worth Individuals, it strategically targets an investment profile with the freedom. These unique LPs do not need to answer to short term shareholder pressure and have a multigenerational mindset. 

Currently this project is being supported by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Planethon of Sweden and Grantham Institute of Imperial College London. 

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