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A venture builders program for mission driven founders.

Nomad Academy, formally the Nomad MBA, is an intensive 3month “ALT-MBA" program. Its mission is to transition
ambitious professionals into entrepreneurial careers.

I was brought in to lead and build their education program.
With less than 2months to launch I rapidly, built the MVP of the Venture Builders course and recruited some seriously inspiring coaches. Our motley crew swelled to include: 2 Forbes 30 under 30s, a blockchain expert, an AI advisor, a few VCs and a Burnout specialist. With these inspiring individuals rallied around our mission, we guided our tribe of 35 next-generation founders. 

Alongside Startup frameworks we fused personal development into the program. With the idea of empowering resilient founders with heighten EQ and empathic leadership skills.

I took to coaching almost all 35 at one point or another and iterated the program after our first successful funding round. Subsequently I’ve built a fully virtual version of the course, ready for May 2020, along with two other new digital experiences. 

Currently I am championing our ever-growing post program ecosystem. A community of investors, expert coaches, outliers
and mavericks.

An investment service redirecting seed capital towards sustainable ventures..

A service "nudge" to improve brand experience and increase high-street revenue.

An A.I parenting-aid that empowers kids to develop healthier longterm habits.

A strategic new service focused on supporting lawyers grappling with tech-driven disruption.

A medically-led wellness program helping patients recover from bariatric surgery.

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