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A social enterprise, tackling arsenic contaminated rice, water and soil inrural Bangladesh.

Nearly all Rice harvested from South East Asia is contaminated with Arsenic and the problem is continuing to get worse as populations swell and we dig deeper into the earths crust for underground water. With contains naturally occurring Arsenic.

Working with CERN and STANFORD's soil science department on the "Wicked Problem" of food security we developed a modular filtration system designed to empower local farmers with a scalable and affordable solution to the current arsenic contamination in Bangladesh, which claims over 40,000 lives per year. 

A strategic new service focused on supporting lawyers grappling with tech-driven disruption.

An award-winning strategy for a city's volunteer wildfire firefighting service in a period of urgent financial need.


A medically-led wellness program helping 
patients recover from bariatric surgery. 

An investment service redirecting seed capital towards sustainable ventures.

An A.I parenting-aid that empowers kids to develop healthier longterm habits.

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